For the concept of a sequel to Great Mazinger see:God Mazinger (Original Concept)

God Mazinger (ゴッドマジンガー) is a manga, anime, and novel series by Go Nagai in 1984. Despite the title Mazinger being present, this spin-off series has no connection to previous series. Instead it is an original story about a young man who ends up in an alternate reality.


Young sports enthusiast, Yamato Hino hears voices calling out to him and during a thunderstorm, he is brought to a parallel world. In this world is the Kingdom Mu, under attack by the evil Dorado of the Empire of Dinosaurs. Yamato was summoned from the prayers of queen Aila Mu to pilot a statue known as the God Mazinger. Joining the Mu army's ranks, Yamato fights against Dorado and his army.

Relationship to other seriesEdit

While God Mazinger has no connection to the other Mazinger series, it is indeed part of the Mazinger franchise as besides the title and the same author as the other series it is featured in the Mazinger Bible along with other manga such Mazinger (USA) and MazinSaga.

Lost Episode Edit

The anime version was originally going to feature 24 episodes and while material was drawn up the final epilogue episode was never shown. Part of the reason is because the air date was removed for the 1984 Olympics, and TMS for some reason decided to cut the epilogue from the show entirely.