God or Devil (Part 2)
Kanji 神または悪魔 (第 2 報)
Romaji name Kami mata wa Akuma Dainiho
Volume 1
Chapter 7
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God or Devil (Part 1) The Sunset after the Battle (Publication)
Mazinger Otome Taisen Chapter 1 (Continuity)

God or Devil (Part 2) is the final chapter of Mazinger Otome.

Summary Edit

Reito tells 'Seto' to come out of her scheme, but 'Seto' says she has awoken to the truth, to defeat Great Mazinger. Reito accepts the challenge and charges at 'Seto' but the extra arms catch Reito and throw her to a wall destroying it. As Reito gets up and comments on how Seto could have that much power, 'Seto' expressed a deep thought that even Reito looked down on her. Furthermore when she explained how Mazinger Z was a pioneer in the Super Robot genre but newer robot series appeared afterwards getting more attention, especially a couple series that were partly censored. As 'Seto' boasted on how she would become the strongest and most evil robot by destroying those who would stand in her way, Reito activated her wings with the Scrander Dash. Determined to defeat 'Seto' Reito uses her Thunder Blade but 'Seto' uses her six arms to use the Revolver Rocket Punch to strike Reito to the ground. With the Mazinger Blade now in 'Seto's' hands, she was ready to finish off Reito but the word was knocked out of her hands by a Rocket Punch that came from the real Seto fully repaired and upgraded.

As Seto leaps up the fake one prepares to launch her Revolver Rocket Punch, but Seto activates her new Wing Scrander which tears apart the disguise of the newly dubbed Nise Z. Beneath the costume, Nise Z is revealed to everyone's surprise the Mechanical Beast Army. With their cover blown, K prepares to fight back with the arms of the defeated girls until the still functioning Shiko comes back knocking out M and L with the Mach Drills. K is then struck by the also still functioning Grace with her Space Thunder. With the Mechanical Beast Army defeated and trussed up, everyone gets their parts back. Prof. Juzo also gets back the Pseudo-Thunder Breaker Device which Shiko uses to shock the Mechanical Beast Army as payback. Reito questions whether Seto is the real one, and after Seto says something irregular Reito violently grabs her before asking a question if Mazinger Z needs to have its status elevated. Seto only states that she knows Mazinger Z is the strongest Super Robot there is proving that she's the real one. As everyone else including the recovered Koji arrives, Seto attempts to perform the Breast Fire but her top is destroyed.

Trivia Edit

  • The two censored series Nise Z mentioned are the popular mecha franchises Mobile Suit Gundam and Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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