Goemon Abashiri
Kanji 五エ門
Kana ごえもん
Gender Male
Age (Young Adult)
Robot Satan Claus P10
Affiliation Himself
Family and Relations Daemon Abashiri (Father),

Naojiro Abashiri (Brother), Kikunosuke Abashiri (Sister)

First Appearance Unknown

Goemon Abashiri is a minor character in Mazinger Angels, in all his appearances he is involved in some sort of perverted antic.

Production HistoryEdit

Goemon originally appeared in Abashiri Ikka as Daemon Abashiri's oldest child. Goemon is known for being the physcially weakest of his family, an expert thief, and his perverted antics.


Much like his original counterpart, Goemon is highly perverted, often peeping at women and does antics like control robots to take their underwear and/or rip their clothes off.


Goemon does not have any special physical abilities, so for his appearances in Mazinger Angels, he uses machines to get what he wants done.


Goemon appears being chased for one of his perverted antics. Soon he encounters his brother Naojiro and they discuss how Naojiro can get Sayaka Yumi's attention. Goemon is then given a Mechanical Beast, which he uses during the Christmas season disguised as Santa Claus riding his sleigh to steal girl's panties and fill his pool. The Mazinger Angels manage to track him down and destroy the Santagromas P10 while Goemon manages to escape. Goemon then appears again in the Summer festival to use animatronic robots to attack women's clothes so he and a friend can get them naked. Once again the Angels stop his antics and Goemon is arrested, it is unknown if he escaped or not.

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