Atlas UFO Robot Goldorak is the name of the French adaptation for Grendizer that aired in France and Quebec. Like all adaptations, there were some changes to the character names and plot elements. It is very popular in France, and a cult follows it to this day.


All characters had their names changed to better suit the general audience of France. Characters had their names changed to the names of stars, e.g. Duke Fleed's adapted name Actarus which comes from the star Arcturus. Compared to the original version where Duke had an alias Actarus used his name in battle and at the ranch. Koji had his name changed to Alcor, which was not adapted for when Mazinger Z was dubbed in France. These name changes were also used in the Italian adaptation, while slightly changing the names.

VHS and DVD ReleasesEdit

In the 1970s and 80s, VHS tapes in Super 8 format were released. Déclic Images released DVDs in 2005, but they were called back by Toei Animation as they lacked the rights to the series. In 2009 the company was tried for 4.8 million euros. By 2013, an official release by Toei would release DVDs to all French speaking countries.

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