Kanji N/A
Kana ゴーマン
Gender Male
Age (Adult)
Robot Gingin
Affiliation Vegan Empire
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Keiichi Noda
First Appearance Even if it Cost my Life
Captain Gorman is a member of the Vegan Empire coming to Earth on the order of King Vega in episode 7 and killed in the same episode. He is the first Vegan commander in the series.


Gorman is a heavy drinker, doing so in different times and places. He is very arrogant believing he can defeat the Grendizer on his own without help from Gandal or Blaki, showing loyalty and respect only to King Vega.


Gorman is a decent pilot able to put the Grendizer at a disadvantage with a Saucer Beast and only lost when Blaki interfered.


Captain Gorman came to Earth on the orders of King Vega. Blaki offered assistance to Gorman, but he rejected the offer calling Blaki a failure for not being able to defeat the Grendizer several times. Gorman engaged Grendizer on the Saucer Beast Gingin and managed to put the Grendizer in a difficult position. However, Blaki activated the Saucer Beast's controls remotely with Gorman losing control. With this opening, Grendizer uses its Space Thunder to destroy Gingin and Gorman.


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