Goro Makiba
Kanji 牧葉 吾郎
Kana まきは ごろう
Gender Male
Age (Preadolescent)
Robot None
Affiliation Makiba Family Ranch
Family and Relations Danbei Makiba (Father),

Hikaru Makiba (Sister)

Voice Actor Kazuko Sawada
First Appearance Koji Kabuto and Duke Fleed
Goro Makiba is the son of Danbei Makiba and younger brother of Hikaru Makiba, he serves as a supporting character in Grendizer.


Goro is a young boy of average height for his age with black hair and eyes. His clothes are inspired by old western clothing which includes a white shirt with a large red stripe and outlines, a blue vest, jeans held up by a belt, a yellow scarf with green polka dots, and seldomly wears a brown ten gallon hat.


Goro like most children is enthusiastic and easily impressed taking an interest in Koji Kabuto and his piloting skills, wanting to be like him when he gets older. He is a hard worker despite his age and regular helps out on the ranch, so much that his father considers Goro to be the father of the Ranch.


Goro usually spent the series working at the ranch. He had a major part in the plan of Hulk under the guise of a student at Goro's school and becoming his friend. Goro was upset when he found his new friend Haruo was a member of the Vegan Empire in disguise and Duke was forced to fight and destroy him. Afterwards, Goro gave his full support to Duke and the others to defeat the Vegan Empire.

Gallery Edit

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