Grand Finale
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date April 4, 2009
Written by Yasuhiro Imagawa
Directed by Yasuhiro Imagawa
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N/A Activation! Mazinger!
Grand Finale is the first episode of Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact!. It acts as a sneak preview for the series depicting the battle between Dr. Hell and the Photon Power Laboratory. As this is a sneak preview, none of the events that took place are canon to the story.


The Photon Power Laboratory and Kurogane House attempt to stand their ground against Dr. Hell's armies lead by Baron Ashura, Count Brocken, and Viscount Pygman. During the battle, Koji Kabuto had gone missing. He is in an area where he finds several strange beings including the Mechanical God Zeus. When Koji manages to find his way out, Dr. Hell's forces had ravaged through the Mazinger Army. Koji then readies Mazinger Z for the fight against Dr. Hell.


Dr. Hell's armies approach Japan but the robots of the Photon Lab and the members of the Kurogane House prepare to fight them. The fight begins where both sides exchange blows and losses. Sayaka laments that Koji is not here but goes on anyway. Koji in the meantime is in a strange area where he meets large and mysterious beings. One of them approaches Koji and introduces himself as Zeus after killing Archduke Gorgon. He offers Koji assistance on where to go and directs him to the exit. Koji goes out but finds that the Mazinger Army had been ravaged and their pilots are dead. Sayaka is still alive and when she is about to be attacked by Viscount Pygman, he is crushed underfoot by the mysterious Blade and his giant robot before they disappear. Dr. Hell then welcomes Koji and taunts him that there is no stopping him. Koji only readies Mazinger Z for the battle with Dr. Hell and charges forward.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode is given the nickname, the 'Gainax Beginning' due to not making any sense with any of the series' real story such as the fates of the characters