Composition Organic Tissue
Power Source Standard biological processes
Pilot Itself
Sky Demon Beast Grangen is a bioweapon created by the Mysterious Invaders to conquer Earth. It was the first of the three monsters in Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo G: Kuchu Daigekitotsu.


Grangen is a humanoid creature with purple skin, red eyes, and sharp teeth. He wears armor that has rockets and a spiked collar attached. Its fingers are extended tentacles.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Grangen is able to fly with the rockets on its armor and can restrain enemies with its fingered tentacles. Its main weapon is a bladed boomerang, and to keep enemies still it uses beams from its eyes to blind them.


Grangen was released at the Saotome Research Institute so the Getter Robo was deployed to fight it. However, Grangen was very strong and Musashi Tomoe and Getter Bear are destroyed. An enraged Ryoma unleashes the Getter Beam on Grangen destroying it.

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