Great General of Darkness
300px-Ankokudaishogun card
Kanji Unknown
Kana Ankoku DaiShogun
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Robot None
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations General Birdler

General Draydou General Hadias General Angoras General Scarabeth General Juliceaser General Ligern (Subordinates)

Voice Actor Shozo Iizuka
First Appearance Mazinkaiser vs Great General of Darkness
The Great General of Darkness is the main antagonist of Mazinkaiser vs Great General of Darkness. He leads the Mycenae Empire to attack the surface world.


The Great General of Darkness appears similar to his original counterpart but dons black armor with gold accents instead of blue armor. His cape is also colored black on the outside, while the inside is red. His true face is also smaller.


The Great General is an intimidating warlord who wishes to glorify the Mycenae Empire and reclaim the surface rule. He is cruel to any enemy who stands against him, but is not above praising them on performance.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

The Great General is a very dangerous foe towards anyone who stands against the Mycenae Empire. He is able to shoot purple beams of light out of his head's eyes enough to match the Mazinkaiser's Koshiryoku Beam. His durability is also very high, his cape able to guard against the Fire Blaster and take a Koshiryoku Beam at his real face. His most deadly skill is his mastery of his large and powerful sword and massive strength which together can bring down any foe to their knees. He also controls the flying fortress Demonika.


The Great General of Darkness has little screen time but is still the main obstacle Koji Kabuto faces in the Mazinkaiser movie. He first appears in Paris as a projection announcing his attack on the world along with his generals. Then he orders his troops to seek out and destroy Koji Kabuto and his comrades. He appears later riding the Demonika as it was charging at Mazinkaiser after effortlessly defeating three of the generals and a squad of Warrior Beasts. Before Mazinkaiser destroys the Demonika the Great General escapes on a saucer. Next the two proceeds with a sword fight having equal match in power and skill. The Great General manages to pin Mazinkaiser down but is then caught off guard after Mazinkaiser parries his sword and is repeatedly beaten before the Turbo Smasher Punch blows off his head. As the Great General wonders how he could be defeated his true face is impaled by his own sword as it comes back down killing him.


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