Great Leader Shamrock
Kanji N/A
Kana シャムロック大帝
Gender Male
Age N/A
Robot Himself
Affiliation Creatures
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Super Robot Wars
Great Leader Shamrock is the figurehead leader of the Creatures and the king of the Holy Knights serving directly under Gallahan and one of the major antagonists in the first arc of Super Robot Wars.


Shamrock features a hulking frame that gives off an intimidating presence to both enemy and ally.


Shamrock is a cruel and malevolent ruler who looks down on the remaining human inhabitants. He faithfully serves Gallahan without question.


As leader of the Holy Knights, Shamrock controls the group and has them perform tasks as requested by Gallahan. On his own, Shamrock has little abilities aside from combat and moderate skill with a sword.


Shamrock presided watch over his subjects until the resistance movement came and attacked. With his warriors outmatched, Shamrock faces Getter Robo G but is destroyed. He was later revived by the Majin Heart Mother by Gallahan to go to the present and later serves Dr. Hell as the Devil Mazinger. In battle again against the alliance between the Mazinger and Getter teams, he along with the other revived armies are destroyed.

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