Great Mazinger
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Tetsuya Tsurugi/Blade
At the first and last episodes of Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z Hen, there is a shadowy image of a robot that resembles Great Mazinger. While it is yet to be officially named, it is piloted by Blade whose real name is Tetsuya Tsurugi.


While Great Mazinger has yet to make a full appearance, the silhouette it casts is identical to the model from other series.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

As the robot has only appeared for a short time, it has yet to display any unique abilities or weapons but it is able to fly. However, Super Robot Wars V gives it the following abilities:

  • Great Typhoon: Great Mazinger spits out a tornado at its foe.
  • Drill Pressure Punch: Great Mazinger's fist sprouts drill-like blades and launched. The blades on the fist spin, causing extra damage in the process.
  • Mazinger Blade: Great Mazinger hides a sword in one a hidden compartment in one of its legs. It can be used as a melee weapon.
  • Breast Burn: Great Mazinger fires a blast of thermal energy from the fin on its chest.
  • Thunder Break: Great Mazinger's eyes glow while lightning strikes in the background. Great Mazinger proceeds to redirect the electricity towards the foe, giving the foe a rather painful shock.


How or where the robot was created and for what purpose is unknown. Great Mazinger officially appeared at the final episode, after Blade killed Viscount Pygman in his true form with a sword when he tried to escape. Blade only announced his name before leaving on his robot.

Video GalleryEdit

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