Composition Space Alloy Gren
Power Source Photons
Pilot Daisuke Uryu/Ruke Fleed (robot)

Maria Flora (Spazer)

Notable moves Double Giga Harken, Screw Blow Crusher, God Thunder

Grendizer Giga is the final robot of Planet Fleed. It features a few differences between its original incarnation. For example it features a few accessories and its Spazer works differently.

Appearance Edit

Grendizer features a couple differences between it and its original model. It features a sharper design including a panel in the head where the pilot is located. The horns also extend when using Space Thunder. It is also adorned with a white cape hanging from the shoulders and can be wrapped around the body.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

Grendizer Giga is a robot built for battle while shown as the pride of Planet Fleed. It is able to link up at the of the Spazer piloted by Maria. It is also able to move through space at a high speed on its own while igniting its cape with photon energy. The top of its head, dubbed the Brain Combat, acts as a control center and can be detached to fly itself over to Ruke. It possesses several weapons, among them are:

  • Double Giga Harken: Releases the crescent bladed polearms from the shoulders to wield in battle.
  • Screw Blow Crusher: A Rocket Punch move where Grendizer launches its fist while its armband extend forward for a screwing blow.
  • God Thunder: An immense electrical attack where electricity is gathered by the horns after they extend and rams into an enemy while Grendizer is coated in the electric power.

Space Battleship Spazer Edit

The Spazer piloted by Maria is a gigantic UFO that supports the Grendizer and serves as a base and mode of transportation. It is equipped with stealth systems that allow it to be concealed from most detection equipment with help from cover such as a large body of water. The Spazer is also capable of holding storage for people and equipment like a transforming car and the Florian Beet. The Spazer in battle is armed with weapons such as photon beams and is capable of launching Grendizer at a high speed.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Kanji for the word Giga is (巨神) which means Giant God.

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