Gromazen R9
Kanji N/A
Kana グロマゼンR9
Gender Female
Age (Adolescence)
Robot Herself
Affiliation Mechanical Beast Girls
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Yuna Taniguchi
First Appearance Fear! Circumstances of the Underground Empire
Gromazen R9 is a Mechanical Beast Girl who was developed by Dr. Hell to fight Robot Girls Team Z after they defeated Baron Ashura and the first Mechanical Beast Girls.


Gromazen is a teenaged girl with blonde hair and green eyes while wearing a costume that resembles the original Gromazen R9.


Gromazen R9 is a hardworking and peppy young girl, yet gets down on herself hard when she fails miserably at something as she considered suicide after a branch of failures against the Robot Girls. She speaks with a Kansai dialect.


Gromazen is capable of shooting an Ion Beam that can disintegrate any inanimate object. However it is easily deflected by a reflective barrier.


After the first battle against the Robot girls ended in failure, Dr. Hell sent out Gromazen. But when she fought against Z-chan and her Photon Barrier, her attack was reflected back at her with Gromazen easily defeated and seriously injured. After the next two Mechanical Beast Girls were beaten, Gromazen almost hanged herself until Baron Ashura stopped her and gave her and the others a pep talk.


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