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Hachiryokaku also called the Aila Army is an all-women army lead by Aila. They reside within a crystaline fortress in the shape of an octagon, true to their army's name. Through a synchronized melody, the residents at certain points of the fortress with their Psycho Gear robots are able to put up a barrier for protection from threats. Their main weapons against the other armies are the Psycho Gears. Among the three armies on Machine Island, they seem to be the least interested in taking full control of it, only wanting to protect their fortress and residents from Kiba and Garan. After the destruction of the Gravity Curtain, some of the Hachiryokaku joined WSO as pilots.


  • The Hachiryokaku appear to be based on the group of women lead by Alia Mu in Violence Jack. That group in turn was based off the many alter-egos of Cutey Honey.

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