Harenchi Gakuen is a sexy gag media franchise that was Go Nagai's first success in the manga business. It introduced the 'Ecchi' genre to manga and anime, and became an influence on later works by Nagai and other manga artists despite the amounts of criticism it received. Several manga, OVA, and live action adaptations were spun off from this series.


Harenchi Gakuen is mainly about the several scandel-ridden misadventures of Yasohachi "Oyabun" Yamagishi, Mitsuko "Jubei" Yagyu, and their friends both in and out of school. The series had expanded in both sequels and spin-offs with events like Oyabun and Jubei getting married and Jubei acting as a professional golfer.

Harenchi Gakuen in MazingerEdit

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