Hayato Otori
Kanji 鳳隼人
Kana おおとり はやと
Gender Male
Age (Young Adult)
Robot Big Daitan
Affiliation Japanese Government
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance Mazinger Angels chapter 25
Lt. Hayato Otori is a pilot working for the Japanese government acting as the pilot of the Big Daitan to battle the Dragonsaurus.

Production HistoryEdit

Otori and his robot Big Daitan were originally from Garula, a short manga by Go Nagai about the titular monster and humanity attempting to fight against it. Otori was recruited to fight with Big Daitan.


Otori is a young man with a decent build, messy black hair and eyes wearing a uniform worn by soldiers of the government.


Otori is a disciplined soldier following his superiors orders. He can also be rather stubborn as even though he acknowledges the abilities of the Mazinger Angels, he prefers to fight without their help.


As the Dragonsaurus approaches Japan, the government commands Otori to fight the monster with the Big Daitan. The MA appear when he is enroute, Otori replies they not get in his way as they approach the Dragonsaurs. As he has the Big Daitan open fire, his weapons prove useless. The Dragonsaurus crushes the Big Daitan killing Otori.

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