Hikaru Makiba
Kanji 牧葉 ひかる
Kana まきば ひかる
Gender Female
Age 17
Robot Marine Spazer
Affiliation Space Science Laboratory
Family and Relations Danbei Makiba (Father),

Goro Makiba (Younger Brother)

First Appearance Unknown
Hikaru Makiba is a supporting protagonist in Grendizer manga by Gosaku Ōta, unlike her original counterpart she is notified of Duke's true idenity sooner than in the anime.


Hikaru has an appearance similar to her counterpart from the anime with shoulder length brown hair and usually wears old western outfits. She wears a light blue and yellow pilot suit.


Hikaru is friendly and caring but is also serious especially when it comes to work and relationships. She has feelings for Duke Fleed having known him as Daisuke Umon prior to him regaining his memories and wishes to help him in any way she can. Hikaru got jealous when Duke spent a lot of time with his childhood friend Nadia. Hikaru dislikes it when Koji tries to get her attention due to her feelings for Duke. She heavily dislikes it when her father interferes with relationships, fearing she would end up an old maid. 


Hikaru is a capable pilot able to control the Marine Spazer with little difficulty on her first try.


Hikaru was working on the ranch with Daisuke and her family when Koji visited. She was interested in the talk of UFOs. Later Daisuke regains his memories as Duke Fleed and pilots the Grendizer to help Koji. At some point Hikaru finds out Daisuke's true identity. For the first part of the series, Hikaru remained on the sidelines watching as Duke fought against the threats from the Vegan Empire. She later shows her piloting skills with the Marine Spazer with more battles and joins Duke in battle. Hikaru starts to worry about Duke when begins to have thoughts of ruling the Earth after a fallout between him and Dr. Umon. As war broke out from all sides, Hikaru joined her comrades in battle. After Raaga activated its programming to stop nuclear war, Hikaru was forced back from Grendizer as it dove to chase after the ancient machine. She and Koji were the only known survivors of the carnage and they leave to find more survivors.

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