Kanji N/A
Kana ヒミコ
Gender Female
Age (Adult)
Robot None
Affiliation Hachiryokaku (formerly),

Garan Army

Family and Relations Aila (Younger Sister),

Garan (Leader)

Voice Actor Kikuko Inoue
First Appearance Death Caprice
Himiko is an assistant to Garan, the former leader of the Hachiryokaku, and the older sister of Aira.


Himiko was originally the leader of the Hachiryokaku until for some reason she defected and joined Garan.



Himiko's profile

Himiko appears as voluptuous woman with short black hair, light pink eyes, and red lips. She is dressed in purple tights that extend to her chest area, a black jacket, a purple collar, and a top hat.


Himiko is mostly quiet and observant of events that go around her. Her words imply that she wants to control the world, which would be the likely reason why she joined Garan in the first place. She still remains close with her sister Aira, contacting her through their telepathic abilities.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Himiko possesses a psychic ability that allows her to telepathically communicate with people such as Aira and Garan. Her artwork also shows her with thin wires, implying skills in using it.


Himiko was with Garan as the Mazinkaiser SKL surfaced and decimated Kiba's Army, she spoke with him about events to come and what she wishes to see. Later as the SKL and its pilots attacked Garan's fortress, Himiko looked into Ryo Magami's mind and found out about his past. She relayed this information to Garan replying that Magami was like them, causing Magami to lash out. With the Kaiser seemingly defeated, Himiko is attacked by the thought to be dead Kiba demanding to know the location of the Iron Kaiser. As Himiko revealed the information, she is killed by him. This was sensed by both Garan and Aila. As Aila mourned for her sister, Himiko sent a cryptic message to her on how to stop the Iron Kaiser.


  • Himiko's appearance comes from the Slum Queen from Violence Jack; fittingly as Garan bears similarities to the Slum King.
  • Himiko's name comes from the queen of the legendary Yamatai Kingdom.

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