Hiroshi Kotetsu
Kanji 高徹弘
Kana こうてつ ひろし
Gender Male
Age 39
Robot None
Affiliation Unknown
Family and Relations Shiko Kotetsu (Daughter),

Shin Kotetsu (Creation/Daughter)

First Appearance Unknown
Hiroshi Kotetsu is an archaeologist and the father of Shiko Kotetsu as well as the creator of Shin Kotetsu. While he is never seen in person, he is named after and based on Hiroshi Shiba, the main protagonist of Steel Jeeg.

Appearance Edit

Hiroshi resembles his namesake with semi-spiked brown hair, brown eyes, and the same figure, ironically appearing to be much younger than his actual middle age.


While Hiroshi loves his daughter Shiko, they do not communicate much partly due to Hiroshi always being away on his expeditions and Shiko resenting him for making her into a cyborg. This implies that Hiroshi is a fan of Steel Jeeg and wanted to make Shiko in her image, albeit without her consent. Since Shiko never wrote back and that Hiroshi wanted his daughter to have some company, he created Shin based on the new Jeeg robot who he treats like a daughter and wants them to get along. Hiroshi seemed happy that Shiko made friends.


While Hiroshi never appears in person as he is always away on some far off place for his expeditions, he talks with Shiko over postcards that she always rips up out of spite. However, he seemed happy that Shiko made friends. At some unknown time he created Shin who he sent back to Fujino Suzuno for them to meet which erupted in a big fight.

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