Hulk/Haruo Shusho
Kanji N/A/出浦春雄
Kana ハルク/しゅっほはるお
Gender Male
Age (Young Adult)
Robot Deladela
Affiliation Vegan Empire
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Kenichi Ogata (As Hulk),

Noriko Tsukase (As Haruo)

First Appearance Farewell, My Friend In Space!
Commander Hulk is a member of the Vegan Empire with special equipment that allows him to shapeshift. He appeared in episode 29 to pose as an Earth child named Haruo Shusho to get close to the Grendizer through Goro Makiba.



Hulk as Haruo Shusho

Hulk is a loyal soldier to the Vegan Empire, dedicated to completing his mission. However his time with Goro as Haruo gave him a slight change of heart, unable to kill Goro when he found out his secret. Still, rather than go back empty handed, Hulk chose to fight the Grendizer.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit


Hulk has special equipment after being brought under an experiment by Zuril that allows him to change his cells that effectively allows him to shapeshift. It is powerful enough to change him into a young boy with an entirely different appearance and voice. Hulk uses his disguise to gain information and trust from the enemy in order to sabotage the enemy's main means of offense.


When Hulk's infiltration does not succeed, he pilots a Saucer Beast to fight.


Commander Hulk was sent to Earth infiltrating as a new student at Goro's school under the name Haruo Shusho. He befriends Goro and tries to find a weakspot in the Grendizer. Unfortunately, Goro was more interested in other matters causing Zuril to send in robotic pigeons. When reporting back to Zuril, Goro saw 'Haruo' become Hulk. Hulk attempted to kill Goro but was unable to due to being friends with him. Instead of taking responsibility directly to Zuril, Hulk piloted the Saucer Beast Deladela to fight the Grendizer. He was killed with the Saucer Beast's defeat.


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