Kanji N/A
Kana ハリケーン
Gender Female
Age (Young Adult)
Robot Psycho Gear αH
Iron Maiden
Affiliation Hachiryokaku
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Ryoko Shiraishi
First Appearance Death Caprice
Hurricane is the squadron leader of the Psycho Gear fighters in the Hachiryokaku.


Chara dtl hurricane
Hurricane has long brown hair and green eyes. Her clothing is the usual white toga that is held by a single strap with a gold pin, gold armlets, and arm and legs straps. She wears a headpiece that has a red gem, a gold necklace with a red gem, and a pink bracelet decorated with a yellow heart shared with the rest of her squadron.


Hurricane is a serious minded individual who has pride in her squadron to take out the threats to the Hachiryokaku fortress. While she does help outsiders like Tsubasa Yuki, she is wary of help from outsiders in battle; but later grows to respect the Skull Force.


Hurricane is one of the best pilots of the Psycho Gears in battle, but she also uses the psychic enhancements to form a protective barrier that can be enhanced with her squadron's help.


Hurricane and her squad were fighting against Kiba's forces when an airship exploded in midair, with only one survivor. She and her squad took Tsubasa to their fortress where Tsubasa regained consciousness. Afterwards, Kiba's army attacked again with Hurricane's squad being outmatched until the arrival of the Mazinkaiser SKL. With Kiba's armies repelled, Hurricane and her squad fought surviving members and the Garan Army. After the destruction of the Gravity Curtain, Hurricane joined WSO as a pilot for the Iron Maiden squad along with her group mates Flash and Misty.


  • Hurricane is based off of the character Hurricane in the Violence Jack manga, whose name comes from a form of Cutey Honey.

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