Cm 15 commander iara
Kanji N/A
Kana イアラ
Gender Male
Age (Adult)
Robot Garugaru
Affiliation Vegan Empire
Family and Relations Unnamed Mother
Voice Actor Katsuji Mori
First Appearance A Letter to my Mother, Far, Far Away
First Lieutenant Iara is a scientist forced to fight against the Grendizer when the Empire had threatened his mother's safety.


Unlike the higher-ups, Iara was against the idea of invading Earth and longed for peace. However, he loves his mother and when King Vega threatened her safety, Iara sortied.


Iara is a decent scientist having did his part in the Saucer Beast project. But when it comes to piloting, he is less than adequate due to his pacifistic attitude. This was overcome when a brainwashing device was implanted onto him to make him into a killing machine that made him fight against the Grendizer in a better fashion.


Iara was called by King Vega to fight the Grendizer with the Saucer Beast Garugaru. Iara was against the order, believing the Empire has already done enough damage. However, when King Vega brings up his imprisoned mother and threatened to kill her, Iara relented. Little did Iara know however, his mother had already died on the Red Ghost Star, something that Lady Gandal revealed during the battle against the Grendizer. Iara was enraged and went back to the ship, but before anything else could be done Blaki planted a brain washing device that made him into a killing machine. Iara with the Garugaru mercilessly fought against Grendizer. When Grendizer damaged Garugaru enough, Iara regained his senses long enough to write a letter to his mother believing she was still alive and used one of Garugaru's arrow to launch it into the sky before he consumed in the explosion.


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