Infiltrate! Shirakaba Ranch
Kanji 潜入! シラカバ牧場
Romaji name Sennyū! Shirakaba Bokujō
Volume 1
Chapter 3
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Infiltrate! Shirakaba Ranch is the third chapter in the Robot Girls Z web manga. Chronologically, this chapter takes place after Impact! Great Oversea Battle at Numazu.


Z-chan and Gre-chan talk about their time on the fishing boat with the Demon Captain and about Grenda-san's figure. They covet to get it the same way. While Gre-chan attempts to do methods she heard about to improve her figure, Z-chan goes to ask Grenda-san herself. Meanwhile at the Mechanical Beast Girls base on Chichibu Garada K7 compares her figure to Grenda-san's but Balanger M2, having groped Grenda-san in the last battle said that the Robot Girl's was better. Peeved, Garada goes to find the secret to Grenda-san's figure for herself. At Shirakaba Ranch, after working Grenda-san tells her boss Danbei Makiba that she'll be taking a break with a shower. Z-chan and Garada (unaware of each others prescence) approach the shower window where they view Grenda-san's figure before noticing each other. While both girls are prepared to fight, they take a small peek at the window where Grenda-san does not appear to notice anything. Z-chan seeing through the ruse leaves while Garada attempts to open the window and get a better look before noticing that Grenda-san was clothed and was ready to punish Garada for peeping. In her battle suit, Grenda-san unleashes a Hanjuryoku Storm that sends Garada flying and in front of Z-chan who beats her up. A bandaged Garada is then made fun of by Doublas M2.

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