Inspector Ankokuji
Kanji 暗黒寺警部
Kana あんこくじ
Gender Male
Age (Middle Aged)
Robot None
Affiliation Tokyo Police Department
Family and Relations Unknown
First Appearance The Angels of Steel, Mazinger Angels
Inspector Ankokuji is a supporting character from Mazinger Angels. He is a police inspector of the Tokyo Police department who looks into the mysterious appearances of the Angels and the strange crimes that have happened in the city.


The Inspector has shoulder length messy black hair and black eyes while wearing a fedora and trench coat. By Mazinger Angels Z, he has shown a bit of chin hair.


Inspector Ankokuji is an officer of the law dedicated to keeping the peace of Tokyo, but is willing to accept help from outside sources like the MA when things are beyond the control of the police. Among the Angels, Ankokuji is closest with Jun Hono after their first encounter. Unlike his original counterpart, the Inspector is a chain smoker


As standard in the police force, the Inspector uses several handguns to deal with threats.


Inspector Ankokuji first appeared after the culprits robbing ATMs with a Mechanical Beast were caught and brought to the police with a calling card from the MA. He takes a more active role the next chapter while reading a news article about the Angels before getting reports of women being assaulted by mysterious beauties. During his investigation he sees Jun and suspects her before the Gamia Q appeared and Jun drew out her Photon Gun to shoot the android. The Inspector is given the explanation that the woman was a robot from the fact that oil was coming out from the hole instead of blood. He proceeds to fight them off with Jun. As Madam Janus appeared and summoned the Garada K7, Ankokuji witnesses the Angels and their robots. With Janus defeated, he arrests her and grants a pardon to Jun and the Angels, becoming a close ally who keeps their secret. Afterwards Ankokuji has rather small roles in the manga, going to the Angel's New Years party and providing them with information about certain events.

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