Iron Cross Mazinger Z

The Iron Cross are the foot soldiers of the Underground Empire under Count Brocken. Similar to the Iron Masks lead by Baron Ashura, the Iron Cross are composed of brainwashed soldiers.


Iron Cross TV

The Iron Cross resemble Nazi Germany soldiers featuring blue uniforms with a red collar and yellow accents, white gloves, brown belts and boots. On the head is a dark yellow helmet that compared to their manga counterparts have masks attached and have eye holes and an opening near the mouth. They all sport purple hair going down the back of their heads.


The Iron Cross like their Iron Mask counterparts are absolutely loyal to their commander due to manual brain probing. However, some Iron Cross seem to be loyal to a fault in that they try to kill Baron Ashura to get Brocken favored by Dr. Hell.


All Iron Cross are trained with rifles and are in constant drills and formation making them efficient yet predictable. The simplicity is caused by the neural wiring in their brains that while making the soldiers loyal also lessen some major brain functionality.

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