IronMask 9945
The Iron Masks are footsoldiers used by Baron Ashura and Dr. Hell. Compare to their counterparts in the original manga, their cybernetics made them much more robotic.


The Iron Masks wear their bell-like masks over the top half of their faces which in the manga cover their skull tops and lower brain area. Their clothing consists of black and red uniforms based on Ancient Roman soldiers that cover every part of the body except their heads.


The Iron Masks appear to be little more than just puppets that serve their commanders orders. This is mainly because their brains are probed to follow orders.


The Iron Masks are proficient in firearms for long range and swords embedded with magnets to cut through all kinds of materials for close battles, carrying assortments of them wherever they go. They are also capable of driving and managing vehicles such as the Hell Car, robotic horses they use with spears, and command ships. They can self-destruct from the activation of the switch. Due to the adjustments on their brains, their intelligence has dwindled always charging at enemies head on instead of using strategies.


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