Iron Mask Mazinkaiser

Iron Masks in the Anime

The Iron Masks are foot soldiers under Dr. Hell. Baron Ashura is their lead field commander when going out on operations.
Baron with IronMasks

Iron Masks in the Go Nagai Mazinkaiser Manga.


The Iron Masks wear their namesake helmet that covers a proportionate part of their head. Their attire resembles Greek/Roman soliders. They usually carry guns or swords for personal combat. In the Mazinkaiser manga by Go Nagai, the Iron Masks wear redesigned attire such as accented helmets, form fitting armor, and thicker battle skirts.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit


One of the Special Vehicles for Iron Masks

The Iron Masks appear to be of average intelligence as they require Dr. Hell and Ashura to guide them. For combat they are armed with gladius-like swords and guns like pistols and rifles. They also drive a large assortment of vehicles like tanks and Ashura's flying vehicle.

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