Iron Masks Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z Hen
The Iron Masks are foot soldiers commanded by Baron Ashura in his/her Ashura Corps. They serve as the primary infantry of the Underground Empire alongside the Iron Crosses.


Iron Masks (Shin)

The Iron Masks take after their appearance in the original manga, regular men adorned in Greek-based armor featuring black clothing, tan padding, sandals, tied arm guards, and bell-like masks that cover their faces.


All Iron Masks act mainly the same including being absolutely loyal to their commanders and never questioning their orders. As a result, they are more along the lines of puppets than people.


The Iron Masks are well versed in weaponry including swords and machine guns. They are also capable of disguise, most of them were able to dress up like policemen. They also pilot special vehicles such as mechanical horses and armored vehicles that are occasionally seen.

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