Kanji N/A
Kana ジャック
Gender Male
Age (Young Adult)
Robot None
Affiliation Unknown
Family and Relations Mary (Younger Sister)
Voice Actor Sota Arai
First Appearance Amazing! Robot Girls Z
Jack is a guest character in a few episodes of Robot Girls Z while first appearing as a background character in episode 1 along with his sister Mary. He is based off Jack King from the Getter Robo anime. Here the siblings are owners of a sales cart modeled after the head of the Texas Mac that sells various snack foods like takoyaki, ice cream, or donuts around Photon Power Town which usually ends up being destroyed.


Jack first appeared with Mary running their mobile donut shop until the cart was destroyed by Z-chan in battle with the Mechanical Beast Girls which happened quite frequently in later episodes. He later appeared with an ice cream cart at the Battle Athletes competition giving out ice cream as Z-chan won the race until his cart fell down with the appearance of the Daiku Maryu. Jack and Mary would continue to show up selling their goods until their cart was destroyed by whatever came their way or would appear at places like a hot spring resort.

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