Janjaja~n Boss Borot DaiFront

Janjaja~n Boss Borot Dai (ジャンジャジャ~ン ボスボロットだい) is a spin-off gag manga by Tadashi Makimura that went on TV Magazine from 1975-1976, featuring the joke robot Boss Borot as the main character. It is followed by the sequel Onari~tsu Borottono Dai.

Series OverviewEdit

In the series, a human sized Boss Borot is known for his blundering and naughty behavior around a small town. He was created by the boy genius Asimov-kun. Often, Borot has to protect a young elementary school girl, Yoko Kokubo from perverted robots, while getting himself into some strange misadventures along the way. Boss Borot usually tries to get a grip on life while dealing with the issues around him.

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