Build Up! Traveling from town to town, I arrive on the scene, carrying my tears. Tell me, what color is your sin?

–Jeeg-san's introduction

Kanji N/A
Kana ジーグさん
Gender Female
Age 20
Robot Herself
Affiliation Robot Girls Team G
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Minami Tsuda
First Appearance Shock! Photon Power Town's Last Day!
Jeeg-san is a member of Robot Girls Team G based on Steel Jeeg and is the oldest Robot Girl seen in the series. When not on the job, she is the head of a popular circle at dojinshi events. She also states that she functions as Team G's manager given Jeeg-san's age.


Jeeg-san is a young woman with heterochromic eyes with the left eye being blue and the right eye being red, and hair styled after Miwa Uzuki from Steel Jeeg. Her costume is based off her namesake featuring a yellow top and lower skirt, a light blue dress with a green belt, black elbow length gloves with blue armbands, green knee-high boots, and a helmet of the same color with white straight horns.


Jeeg-san tries to act more mature than her partner Get-chan most of the time and is happiest when she recounts her past exploits or speaking in monologues that people do not understand. She is hardly ever seen speaking in a regular fashion, implying that she is a hardcore otaku.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Jeeg-san is armed with the same attack and abilities as her namesake, she has a tote hand bag that acts as the Big Shooter to arm herself with weapons such as the Mach Drill and Jeeg Bazooka and can perform attacks such as the Knuckle Bomber. For transportation she uses the same motorcycle used by Hiroshi Shiba. In Robot Girls Z ONLINE, she can pair up with Pan-san for combination attacks, compared to the TV version where their combination was just for show.

History Edit

Jeeg-san appeared with Get-chan in both the manga and anime to fight the Mechanical Beast Girls as well as the Mycenae Empire as well as appear in the numerous hijinks that often happen. The manga even has Jeeg-san attempt to form a team with Bara-tan and Gakky to form the Magne Robo Girls. By Robot Girls Z+, Jeeg-san does not spend as much time with Team G after the new additions came in but still works as the team's manager.


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