Jun Hono
Kanji 炎ジュン
Kana ほのお ジュン
Gender Female
Age 18
Robot None
Affiliation Photon Power Laboratory
Family and Relations N/A
Voice Actor Mitsuki Saiga
First Appearance A Fierce Fight! Double Mazingers
Jun Hono is an old friend of Tetsuya Tsurugi and an aide at the Photon Power Laboratory.


While most of Jun's backstory is unknown she has always been close with Tetsuya, going with him wherever he goes.


Jun's appearance in Mazinkaiser is mostly based on her anime counterpart, having a darker skin complexion than her counterpart from the manga. However Jun has green eyes instead of brown like her counterparts. In her first appearances, Jun wears her usual civilian clothing from the anime, a yellow and orange tanktop with a white skirt and shoes. By her reappearance, Jun wears her white and red pilot suit without the helmet.


Jun is mild mannered and supportive of the pilots and scientists of the Photon Lab. Whenever Tetsuya is in danger, Jun expresses a lot of concern over him; implying deeper feelings for him.


While Jun has not displayed as much skills as her counterparts, she is a great operator for the pilots in battle and is capable of using the various tools and mechanisms of the Photon Lab to a significant effect.


Jun was in the Photon Lab as the Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger fought against the hordes of Mechanical Beasts before witnessing Koji Kabuto being ejected from the Z. Things only got worse when more Mechanical Beasts attacked the Photon Lab with a modified Mazinger, Jun activated the Photon Barrier while growing concerned as Tetsuya used a still damaged Great to fight. Later the Mazinkaiser appears, defeating the Ashura Mazinger but also attacking the Great and the Lab. Koji managed to stop the Kaiser but lose consciousness.

By the time Koji woke up, Jun is among the people speaking about the Kaiser. But the topic is cut short with yet another attack by Mechanical Beasts. Tetsuya piloted the still damaged Great, despite Jun and the scientist's warnings not to. As things start to look bad, Jun sends the Great Booster to turn the tables. After the battle, Jun leaves with Tetsuya to help him recover from his injuries and find a way to repair the Great Mazinger.

As Dr. Hell's Ghost Mechanical Beasts attack the Photon Power Lab and throw the Mazinkaiser into a volcano, Tetsuya and Jun return with the complete Great Mazinger and equipment like the Kaiser Scrander. Jun moves all the people present into a hidden control center for safety as she communicates with Tetsuya and witnessing the end results of the battle with the Photon Lab's victory.