Kanji 純一
Kana じゅんいち
Gender Male
Age (Adolescence)
Robot Created initial form of Bicong
Affiliation Himself
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Takashi Toyama
First Appearance Traitor! Great Transformation Robot Bicong

Junichi is a classmate of Koji Kabuto who appeared in episode 12 of the Mazinger Z anime. He made a toy robot called Bicong which was later turned into the Mechanical Beast Bicong 09.


Junichi was greatly attachment to his small robot even calling it his 'brother' and was heartbroken when Bicong became a machine of destruction and had to be destroyed.


Junichi has limited skill in robotics able to make a highly functioning toy robot.


Junichi was showing off his toy robot Bicong at class but people avoided him a bit when he called the toy his brother. He was later approached by Baron Ashura when out in the field. The strange cyborg turned Bicong into a Mechanical Beast with his Bardos Wand, Junichi was horrified at what his creation had became. Junichi begged Koji not to destroy Bicong believing Bicong alone would never do such destructive methods, but Koji could only tell him that machines were neither good or evil and were only tools of their controller. Junichi was forced to watch as Bicong was destroyed by Mazinger Z and became heartbroken.

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