Juzo Kabuto
Kanji Unknown
Kana Unknown
Gender Male
Age (Elderly)
Robot Created Iron Z
Affiliation N/A
Family and Relations N/A
First Appearance Unknown
Juzo Kabuto is a supporting character in Mazinger Angels Z. Here his family is not stated, he has no apparent history with Dr. Hell, and he is friends with Daemon Abashiri giving his robot Iron Z to Daemon's daughter Kikunosuke.


Prof. Kabuto resembles his original manga counterpart, complete with the burn on the left side of his face.


From his short appearances, Prof. Kabuto is largely the same as his original countpart, having a rather megalomaniacal view on the Iron Z and its pilot, boasting the fact that its power surpasses the robots of the Mazinger Angels. He can be rather obsessive and reckless with his work, spending all-nighters finsihing the Iron Z.


Prof. Kabuto is a highly accomplished scientist and mechanic, building the giant robot Iron Z with mechanics and power surpassing the Mazinger Angels. He is also able to effectively modify and upgrade machines like Angels' to do feats such as travel in outer space.


Prof. Kabuto appeared to Kikunosuke after she was lead to Juzo's underground facility with her motorcycle, something he made himself. He explained the vehicle was the control center for the Iron Z and that it would give her power to combat the invading Vegan Empire, even more effectively than the Mazinger Angels. Juzo then passed out due to lack of sleep and Kikunosuke took the Iron Z to fight the Empire. He appeared before the final battle assisting the Angel scientists to modify the robots for space travel.

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