Juzo Kabuto is the name of the grandfather of the main protagonist Koji Kabuto and creator of the Mazinger Z robot.

  • Juzo Kabuto (Manga): The most recognizable megalomanical scientist with a scarred left eye who created the Mazinger Z robot.
  • Juzo Kabuto (TV): The more mellow character from the anime and TV Magazine manga.
  • Juzo Kabuto (Kaiser): The still living but in hiding version who created Z, Great, and Mazinkaiser.
  • Juzo Kabuto (Angels): The creator of Iron Z and a friend of Daemon Abashiri.
  • Juzo Kabuto (Shin): Creator of Mazinger Z who modified the arm of Zeus to equip to it.
  • Juzo Kabuto (ZERO): The more maniacal and homicidal version from Shin Mazinger ZERO.

Other CharactersEdit

  • Dr. Heaven: The original Juzo Kabuto, who created Mazinkaiser in a one-shot.
  • Juzo Magami: The creator of the Mazinger androids including Seto Magami.

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