Juzo Magami
Kanji 魔神重蔵
Kana まかみ じゅうぞう
Gender Male
Age (Elderly)
Robot Created Seto Magami
Affiliation Himself
Family and Relations Kenzo Magami (Younger Brother),

Koji Magami (Grandson), Seto Magami (Creation/'Granddaughter'), Necro Jinga (Creation)

First Appearance Unknown
Juzo Magami is a genius yet mad scientist who created Seto Magami from his research on Super Alloy Z and Photonic Energy after watching the original Mazinger Z TV series. He is also the biological grandfather of Koji Magami.


Juzo's appearance is based on the original manga version of Juzo Kabuto, featuring the same scar where his eye used to be but with slightly longer hair.


Juzo has pride in his creations to a megalomanical level, saying his creations are invincible. He loves Seto like his own granddaughter and is quite prideful with her saying that she is perfect and does not need enhancements, and was rather obsessed with his image of her being like the original Mazinger Z. Juzo also creates side projects with Kenzo that are based on some concepts from the Mazinger franchise including Mazinger androids from every letter of the Latin alphabet. He is close with his grandson Koji, often showing him his creations.


Juzo is highly skilled in robotics have made several machines such as the Pseudo-Thunder Breaker Device, Seto, and the God Spazer.


Juzo would often serve as support for Seto and the rest of the Mazinger Army by providing needed repairs. In Mazinger Otome Taisen, it was revealed that he created Necro Jinga for a set of Mazinger androids along with Kenzo. Koji and the Mazinger Army were not thrilled about this and Juzo and Kenzo were beaten up.

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