Kana ケイ
Gender Female
Age designed to be Adolescent
Robot Herself
Affiliation Mechanical Beast Army
Family and Relations M (younger sister),

L (younger sister)

First Appearance Unknown

K is the oldest of the three sisters that make the Mechanical Beast Army. She is based on the Garada K7.


K stands slightly taller than her sisters. She has dark hair that is tied in buns that feature skull patterns with large scythe-like accessories hanging downwards. She wears a Chinese-styled dress, stockings, and shoes.


K is the most serious and bossy of the Mechanical Beast Army. When it comes to her sisters, K plays a tsukkomi role towards her sisters' more mellow and relaxed states. She absolutely hates the Mazinger Army and is determined to take them down based on what her creator expected of her.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Aside from the standard abilities of the android characters in Mazinger Otome, K possesses her namesakes' scythes that can be used for close combat or as a throwing weapon.


K and her sisters encountered Seto Magami and her friends at her high school. They challenged Seto to a fight and were nearly victorious if not for the interference of Reito Magami and a few other instances like Seto's Breast Fire. They would later try to pick off some of the other members of the Mazinger Army such as attacking Shiko Kotetsu with a powerful magnet or getting Reito to let her guard down, both times ended in failure. When the three of them disguised themselves as the Nise Z, for a rematch they almost win against the Mazinger Army if not for the real Seto appearing and the entire group beating them to a pulp.

In Mazinger Otome Taisen, K and her sisters had a smaller role with K worried that their status as villains would be taken by the New Mazinger Army. After Seto was beaten K and the rest tried to kill her in her stressed state but Seto was fine and easily beat them. They appeared again where they were subdued by Necro Jinga.


K's name comes from the Latin letter in the Garada K7. The kanji in K's name has multiple meanings depending on the kana, most commonly the osmanthus, cassia, or cinnamon trees.

Trivia Edit

  • K's style of dress gives her a similar appearance to Street Fighter's Chun-Li.

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