The Kabuto Family House is a suburban house owned by Juzo Kabuto. It is where he and his grandchildren reside after Juzo took them in.


At first glance the Kabuto home looks like an ordinary house with bedrooms, and a kitchen. However beneathe the structure is a secret laboratory where Juzo Kabuto had worked on his greatest creation, Mazinger Z.



It is unknown when Juzo bought the house but he had it for a very long time spending at least 10 years with his grandchildren. But Dr. Kabuto was usually busy working in his secret lab, in the anime he even hired a housekeeper to look after the house and his grandchildren. The house was hit by a bomb planted by Baron Ashura. The rest of the foundation was destroyed with the activation of Mazinger Z. With this, Koji and Shiro moved to a new house.

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