Kaori Shirakawa
Kanji 白川香織
Kana しらかわかおり
Gender Female
Age (Young Adult)
Robot None
Affiliation Unknown
Family and Relations Akira Hayashi (Fiance)
First Appearance Grendizer episode 16

Kaori Shirakawa was Akira Hayashi's fiance in the Grendizer anime.

Appearance Edit

Kaori is an attractive young woman with maroon hair and blue eyes. She wears a hairpin that was used as a brainwashing device. She wears a red jacket and matching skirt.

Background Edit

Kaori was an orphan that grew up in the same home as Hayashi. As children they grew close to each other and promised to marry when they became adults. By Hayashi's time, the plan to marry would have to wait until the fight with the Vegan Empire ends.

Abilities Edit

At first glance, Kaori isn't capable of fighting or piloting. Under the Vegan Empire's control, she gains infiltration and above average gunmanship. However, her love for Akira managed to overcome the brainwashing.

Personality Edit

Kaori is a sweet young woman who makes friends easily. However, when she was brainwashed, she became a mindless killing machine who uses her appearance and personality to catch targets off guard.

History Edit

Kaori came from Tokyo to join Akira before their wedding, however her bus was hijacked by Bushi and a brainwashing device was put in her hairpin. The next morning, she kidnapped Prof. Umon and threatened to kill him if Bushi's demands were not met. However Akira came and tried to help Kaori telling her of their wedding, she managed to overcome it and Bushi started to attack with Furufuru. After Bushi was defeated, Kaori says her goodbyes before going to Tokyo. However, Kaori never appeared and her status with Hayashi is unknown.

Gallery Edit

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