Kaoru Asahi
Kanji 朝日 カオル
Kana あさひ カオル
Gender Female
Age (Adolescent)
Robot None
Affiliation Yamato Hino
Dragonia Kingdom (post-mutation)
Family and Relations Yamato Hino (Love Interest)
First Appearance Unknown
Kaoru Asahi is a childhood friend of Yamato Hino. She is based on Kaoru Hino from the God Mazinger anime but is given a bigger role.


Kaoru has shoulder length black hair and black eyes. After being captured by Eldo, she is mutated into a cat-like form to serve as his pet.


Kaoru is an average high school girl who strives for an average life. She is not afraid to get into her childhood friend's face whenever he does something out of line like using his psychic powers to flip girls skirts. However, she is easily freightened of things out of the ordinary like a woman who appears from thin air to being magically transported to a battlefield out in the middle of the desert. Kaoru holds feelings for Yamato and strives to reunite with him, going to him for safety, also appearing to be a little jealous when Aila came for Yamato's help from out of the blue.


Kaoru was walking to school when Yamato passed her and flipped her skirt. She yelled at him as they went to the entrance ceremony. When Yamato flipped the skirt of another girl revealing she is not wearing underwear, Kaoru lectured him in the school gymnasium. Suddenly a voice is heard and a ripple in space appears, Kaoru clings to Yamato as Aila reveals herself to ask for Yamato's help on Mu. Yamato however dismisses Aila's story and leaves with Kaoru giving Aila a cold look.

On a bus with the rest of their class, they are transported to a battlefield on Mu. Yamato helps get Kaoru away from danger but when Aila contacts and teleports Yamato away, he is separated from Kaoru. As Kaoru tries to find Yamato and help, she is attacked by cannibalistic tribes. She is saved by a knight, but this warrior was Eldo prince of the Dragonia Kingdom who took Kaoru back to his palace as a prisoner. Stripped naked and placed into a sphere, Kaoru was mutated into a cat to serve as Eldo's pet.

During Yamato's battle with the Empire's deity Demon King Hades, he encounters a hallucination of Kaoru who blames him for leaving her behind. Yamato only fights back mourning for Kaoru. The real Kaoru dies along with her keeper as the God Mazinger creates an earthquake that causes the palace to collapse.

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