Kaoru Hino
Kanji 火野 カオル
Kana N/A
Gender Female
Age Adolescent
Robot None
Affiliation Yamato Hino
Family and Relations Yamato Hino (Older Brother)
Voice Actor Yumi Takada
First Appearance Unknown
Kaoru Hino is Yamato Hino's younger sister. While she only exists in the anime, another character named Kaoru Asahi has a similar role as a supporter of Yamato but has a different fate.


Kaoru is a young teenaged girl with slightly messy black hair and brown eyes. When brought to Mu, she is given a tiara and Mu styled dress.


Kaoru is a curious person who likes to take pictures, especially of the strange land Mu. She is very close with her brother, wishing he would come home soon and is more than willing to donate some of her blood to save his life. Kaoru becomes good friends with Madoma during her stay on Mu.


When Yamato is injured in a fight and needs a blood transfusion, Kaoru is brought to Mu as Yamato has a rare blood type and needs some of her blood. Kaoru agrees and Yamato's condition becomes stable. She is immeadiately interested in Mu, as she was not familiar with the lands. Aila's aid Madoma offers Kaoru a trip around Mu, to which she accepts. She asked Madoma why her brother was summoned to Mu in the first place and learns that he was meant to pilot the God Mazinger to battle the Empire of Dinosaurs. Kaoru was concerned for Yamato but seeing the God Mazinger fight the opposing army firsthand, she believes her brother can handle it. After the job is done, Kaoru is sent back to her time while making Yamato promise to come back.

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