Dmazinger special 031
Kanji N/A
Kana ケドラ
Gender Genderless
Age (Ageless)
Robot Mazinger Z (Temporarily)
Affiliation Mycenae Empire
Family and Relations N/A
First Appearance Mazinger Z: Relic of Terror

The Kedora are biomechanical monsters created by the Mycenae Empire to pilot their Mechanical Beasts in Mazinger Z: Relic of Terror. They are found by Dr. Hell on Bardos Island and sends one to the Photon Power Laboratory. From this point of view, they served as the prototype for later developments of the Warrior Beasts.


The Kedora have a grotesque alien-like appearance with noticable machine-esque body parts.


It is implied that all of the Kedora have the same personality, that is a civilization destroyer that believes that they and their creators are the only true inhabitants of the surface. Once hooked up to a machine, they proceed to destroy anything in sight.


The Kedora have the ability to take control of machines once integrating themselves into them. This is achieved through several cables that extend from their bodies and hooking up to the circuitry of the robot. They are also able to speak through some sort of communication frequency to speak the same language as those around it.


With more Mechanical Beasts being destroyed by the Mazinger Z, Dr. Hell reveals the Kedora he discovered on Bardos. He proceeds to send one called Iba to the Photon Power Laboratory after using a decoy. After causing some distractions, it integrates into the Mazinger and goes on a rampage. Measures are taken to stop the Kedora-controlled Mazinger Z, with the Lab's defenses and Boss Borot proving to be useless. Koji and Sayaka then use the Hover Pilder to try and retake the Mazinger with the Kedora putting up a fight. Koji manages to force the monster off the Mazinger and have the robot destroy the Kedora. Dr. Hell then orders the rest of the Kedora to be destroyed as they would turn on him and his army as told by the message said by the earlier Kedora.

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