Kekko Kamen is an erotic comedy hero franchise by Dynamic Productions started by a manga Go Nagai in Monthly Shonen Jump that gained several adaptations such as sequels to the manga, a spin-off series called Marboroshi Panty, and a series of live-action films.

It is an erotic parody of the 1958 television series, Gekko Kamen, the titular (no pun intended) character of which is often considered to be the first Japanese TV superhero.

General PlotEdit

Kekko Kamen takes place in the corrupt draconian school Sparta Academy. The staff headed by their principal Toenail of Satan pressure their students into getting scores above 90, otherwise they are harshly punished. Before they go too far a mysterious masked woman appears. The woman, Kekko Kamen is known for wearing only a red colored rabbit-eared mask with gloves, boots, and a scarf while her torso area has no clothes or underwear at all. Using her body to distract the lecherous teachers while delivering the kill blow with an acrobatic fighting style. One of the usual characters the series revolves around is Mayumi Takahashi who usually ends up being tortured only to be later rescued by Kekko Kamen.

Kekko Kamen in MazingerEdit

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