Ken Ishikawa (real name Ken'ichi Ishikawa) is a manga artist renowned as the co-creator of Getter Robo with his friend (and then employer Go Nagai). Besides Getter Robo he also had created other projects with Nagai including the Tokusatsu Battle Hawk and Aztekaiser. Aside from that, he also did adaptations of other manga such as Mazinger Z and Cutey Honey as well as works not used by Dynamic Productions (such as Ultraman Taro and Henshin Ninja Arashi, even video games like Fatal Fury and Samurai Showdown). Ishikawa also made his own series like Maju Sensen and Gokudo Heiki. Since 2004, Ishikawa was starting to get heart failure until finally dying at a banquet in 2006.


Ishikawa originally worked as an assistant of Go Nagai during the drafts of Harenchi Gakuen and Abashiri Ikka. For a while he went out on his own writing manga starting with Ultraman Taro before returning to Dynamic Productions as an artist for the enemies appearing in some of Nagai's works. During this time, Ishikawa expressed the idea of Getter Robo from some old designs of the Mazinger Z. After this, Ishikawa started working on his own series such as Maju Sensen. After decades of success, Ishikawa started to show signs of heart failure and on November 15, 2006 after playing golf for the day with friends (including Nagai) Ishikawa passed away from heart failure.

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