Kenzo Magami
Kanji 魔神健造
Kana まかみ けんぞう
Gender Male
Age (Middle Aged to Elderly)
Robot Created Reito Magami
Affiliation Magami Family
Family and Relations Juzo Magami (Older Brother)
Reito Magami (Creation)
Bui Jinga (Creation)
First Appearance Unknown
Kenzo Magami is Juzo Magami's brother and the creator of Reito Magami. He is based on Kenzo Kabuto, but appears to not be the father of Koji Magami.


Kenzo Magami resembles his original counterpart but appears to be older with aged white hair. He has noticeable prosthetic hands and a scar that goes towards his right eye.


Kenzo is a mild mannered man who has a great respect for his brother and his love for the Mazinger franchise, inspiring him to create Reito and also Bui Jinga. He is also close with his family and does everything to support Reito and her friends.


Kenzo is an excellent scientist in robotics creating the complex android Reito Magami and providing her with further equipment such as the Great Sword Booster for her to use in battle.


Kenzo usually provides Reito for whatever she needs including civilian clothing for casual going outs or weapons. In Mazinger Otome Taisen, it is revealed that he created Bui Jinga in his part for Juzo's project in making Mazinger androids in all the Latin alphabet.

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