Kanji 菊ノ助
Kana きくのすけ
Gender Female
Age (Elderly)
Robot None
Affiliation Kurogane House
Family and Relations Tsubasa Nishikiori (Employer)
Koji Kabuto (Student)
Voice Actor Seiko Tomoe
First Appearance Unknown

Kikunosuke is the head waitress of the Kurogane House as well as the oldest, only female, and deadliest member of the Kurogane 5.


It is unknown what kind background Kikunosuke had, but it may have dealt with Yakuza or some other shady activities and met Tsubasa when Kikunosuke was near death. After which, she pledged loyalty to Tsubasa and went under her employment.


Img chara 03 06
Kikunosuke is a small old woman with light blonde hair worn in a bun with a needle placed in. She has a wide lower face with wrinkles and squinty eyes. She wears a blue kimono with light purple patterns.


Kikunosuke is a no-nonsense character who takes her job and role very seriously and is not afraid to take action when someone disturbs that. She does have a soft spot for Tsubasa and her son Koji however, wanting to make Koji strong enough to hold himself in a fight.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Despite her small and old stature, Kikunosuke can move at speeds faster than the eye can see, able to grapple enemies much larger than her, and uses Super Alloy Z threads as her weapon. With the threads, she can restrain and cut enemies apart. She also has some skill in medicine, treating the other members of the Kurogane 5 after they were brought back from the dead by Tsubasa.


Kikunosuke does not have as much screen time as her cohorts, which she claims is due to her old age. She is first seen in action against the Gamia Q when they attack the Kurogane House and manages to defeat them. During some time between episodes, she trains Koji to fight better. After her group is back from the dead, she gives them treatment before they fight Viscount Pygman. Kikunosuke along with the rest of the Kurogane 5 then play their part in the final battle with Dr. Hell.


  • Kikunosuke's name, appearance, and equipment can be traced to several characters by Go Nagai:
    • Kikunosuke's name comes from Kikunosuke Abashiri from Abashiri Ikka.
    • Kikunosuke's old appearance but superhuman feats make her similar to Daemon Abashiri, also from Abashiri Ikka.
    • Kikunosuke's appearance is based on an inn waitress during the Story of a Moonlit Night in Abashiri Ikka.
      • The same appearance is used for the grandmother of Miyo, a minor character from the Devilman anime.

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