KingDan X10
Kingdan X10
Kanji N/A
Kana キングダンX10
Gender Female
Age (Adolescence)
Robot Herself
Affiliation Mechanical Beast Girls
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Saori Goto
First Appearance Fear! Circumstances of the Underground Empire

KingDan X10 is a Mechanical Beast Girl that appeared after two other Mechanical Beast girls were defeated. Unlike the others, she has never been seen fighting.


KingDan has brown hair and red eyes while wearing a costume that resembles her namesake but with with lighter colors.


KingDan is very shy and panics rather easily in a manner similar to stage fright. She is also very apologetic for her weakness.


With the humiliating defeat of Gromazen R9 and Gaia Q5, Dr. Hell sends out KingDan to fight but she hid away just from revealing herself to the others. Baron Ashura and Garada K7 decide to join her in battle, which KingDan is grateful for. However, when confronting Grenda-san she uses Ashura and Garada as shields against Grenda-san's Space Thunder and Double Harken before running away. Back at the base, KingDan apologizes for her weakness to Ashura and Garada, but they say that it's fine. She is seen at the end with the other Mechanical Beast Girls for Ashura's pep talk.


  • Her "Self Preservation" technique is actually a reference to the original KingDan, who was invulnerable to attack as he had Sayaka Yumi inside the compartment on its chest.


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