King of Vega
King of Vega
Composition Vegatron
Power Source Vegatron radiation
Pilot Vegan soldiers

The King of Vega is King Vega's personal mothership that was used to escape the dying Planet Vega, it was also used for the final battle with Grendizer.

Appearance Edit

The King of Vega was a long cylinder with light blue scheme with three dark blue rings. It features fins along the edge and a small pink saucer on top. It has a powerful motor on the rear and a horn on the front.

Abilities and Weapons Edit

The King of Vega is capable of emitting purple smoke to disguise itself, spaceflight and warping, although it was only used once when escaping Planet Vega.

For defense, it can fire a protective energy field around itself. For weapons, the King of Vega has a magnetic ray shot from the horn on the front. It can fire electricity from the holes on the rings for defense and offense. Finally, it can fire electricity from the small saucers.

History Edit

The King of Vega was the only mothership on Planet Vega while it was blowing up, it was used by King Vega, Dantus and the remaining army to teleport to Skull Moon, after that it remained unused.

In episode 74, King Vega and the remaining army destroyed Skull Moon to invade Earth, but faced Grendizer and Cosmo Special. After leaving King of Vega with the body damaged, front and rear destroyed. Grendizer nearly kills King Vega with the Double Harken. After that, King of Vega blows up along King Vega.

Gallery Edit

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