Composition Vegatron and electricity
Power Source Vegatron radiation
Pilot AI

Koakoa was the last Saucer Beast that appeared in the movie UFO Robo Grendizer vs. Great Mazinger. Unlike other Saucer Beasts, it is completely made up of energy and three Vegatron "eyes".

Appearance Edit

Koakoa was a manta ray-like being composed of energy with a red color scheme that has sparks going throughout its body and three purple "eyes" made from Vegatron.

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

Koakoa can fly and can fire Vegatron beams from its "eyes" .

History Edit

While Grendizer and Great Mazinger finished off Barendos' Mothership, Koakoa was used to fight them off. It managed to trap Grendizer, but Great Mazinger fires the Breast Burn and Grendizer uses its Hanjyuroku Storm canceling out Koakoa's electric body and making the eyes fall toward Grendizer. The Great gets Grendizer out of the way up before the eyes crash into the ship and explode.

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