Koji Kabuto
Kanji 兜 甲児
Kana かぶと こうじ
Gender Male
Age 17
Robot Mazinger ZIP!
Affiliation Photon Power Laboratory
Family and Relations Shiro Kabuto (Younger Brother)
Voice Actor BOSE
First Appearance Mazinger ZIP! episode 1
Koji Kabuto is the pilot of Mazinger ZIP! and one of the main characters of the flash shorts of the same name.


Koji's appearance is the same as his counterparts from earlier works with semi-spiked black hair with sideburns pointed forward. He is usually seen in a red and brown pilot suit with elbow length yellow gloves and boots as well as a helmet that partially resembles the Photon Power Laboratory.


Koji retains his famous hot blooded and reckless attitude from previous anime of Mazinger. His recklessness is much more apparent as shown when Koji does not carry out safety checks which in turn causes accidental activation of attacks that usually almost hit Sayaka. He often gets into arguments with Sayaka and/or her father for varied reasons such as when the professor carelessly leaves functions that inhibit the abilities of Mazinger ZIP! and occasionally gets himself involved in the quarrels between them. However Koji does seem to like Sayaka as they go out on patrols together and even treated her on White Day. His favorite food is mille-feuille, especially the ones made by Sayaka.


Koji is a decent pilot for Mazinger ZIP! but has yet to fully master the robot and is prone to some careless mistakes. He also has some skill in martial arts that he usually uses on Prof. Yumi which tend to resemble moves used in professional wrestling such as a lariat and axe bomber. Sometimes he even uses sumo wrestler moves. One time he also carried a flamethrower when in one of these quarrels.


  • Koji owns a smart phone that even includes Baron Ashura in his contacts.

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